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What Are the Most Common Malpractice Claims?

Most people might think of surgical errors when they think of medical malpractice, but there are many other kinds of treatment errors that could lead ...

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Negligent Physical Therapy: Is It Malpractice?

Negligent physical therapy, when it is administered by a licensed physical therapist, is one of several types of medical malpractice.

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When Administering the Wrong Medication is Medical Negligence

Medical malpractice can be caused by various actions or failures to act, but the main cause of medical malpractice will always boil down to medical ne...

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Can I sue a doctor for prescribing the wrong medication?

I think I was given the wrong prescription medication. Can I sue whoever is liable?

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Misdiagnosis of Cancer

Cancer is among the leading causes of death in the United States, and is expected to kill over half a million US residents in 2009. Timely discovery...

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Can I Sue My Doctor?

If you’ve been injured or your health has been diminished due to the carelessness or negligence of a doctor or other medical professional, it’s ...

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Anesthesia Medical Malpractice

Many times, damages from surgical errors pale in comparison to those occurring due to an anesthesiologist’s error.  The application of anesthesia ...

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Types of Medical Malpractice Cases

A large number of medical malpractice cases are filed each year, as lawsuits in civil court and as insurance claims. Below we'll take an in-depth look...

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